Works undertaken include but not limited to:

Electrical design and specification

Electrical containment installation

Electrical cabling installations

Data network installations

Energy efficient lighting systems

Intruder alarms

Inspection, testing & commissioning

Fire alarms


Access control

Door access

Wi-Fi access points

college, campus, building-75535.jpg

All electrical work (lighting, sockets) carried out along with CCTV & security.

The introduction of a professional CCTV system into your school will produce several major benefits to your educational environment. Whilst the introduction of any surveillance systems into an environment with children can be quite an emotive subject, those schools that have CCTV state that the benefits far out-way any initial negative feelings that they might have had.

Improved educational attainment – many headteachers have found that the introduction of CCTV into their school has led to a measurable improvement in students’ concentration and productivity resulting in significant improvements in educational attainment.

Access control, such as an intercom, can allow staff to monitor who enters the school grounds. Only authorised members can gain access.