Care/Nursing Homes

Works undertaken include but not limited to:

Electrical design and specification

Electrical containment installation

Electrical cabling installations

Data network installations

Energy efficient lighting systems

Intruder alarms

Inspection, testing & commissioning

Fire alarms


Access control

Door access

Wi-Fi access points

All electrical work carried out (lighting, sockets) along with CCTV & security.

Whether it’s a nursing home, care home, residential or medical facility our trained electricians know that you need the proper care and attention taken to the work. Our team will walk you through the work, plan a full schedule, test and maintain your electrics as agreed upon after your initial consultation and work with your employees to ensure residents safety during electrical work. We will show you how to work your fire alarms and reliably maintain your safety checks so that you are compliant with the relevant hospitality regulations.

Care providers find that CCTV brings an additional level of comfort to families as well as making everyone feel safer whilst instilling a higher level of confidence and accountability all around. It has improved residents’ sleep patterns, due to the reduction of necessary night checks, with staff now able to monitor through the system rather than waking residents. This has also resulted in residents feeling more alert which in turn leads to a reduced risk of falls.

Care providers also state another benefit of CCTV is that it can be used to establish how incidents (such as falls) occur and put measures in place to prevent reoccurrence.