LCA Group – Hawarden

LCA Controls, a major supplier of Electrical, Control & Instrumentation Engineering Solutions throughout the UK and Overseas, has relocated to a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in North Wales. The new building in the Hawarden Industrial Park is named ‘Gibson House’, in tribute to the famous Dambusters pilot and the many Lancaster bombers built close to the site during WWII.

The investment in the new building will mean LCA Group can continue to deliver electrical solutions efficiently and cost-effectively for their customers. With lofty ambitions, the aim of the relocation is to work in a facility that is fit for long-term growth.

LCA group wanted the new building to provide an attractive environment for people to work in and for guests to visit, so the aesthetic style was critical when designing the offices and communal spaces.

We installed Tamlite Lighting because of their innovative lighting system for the new premises, taking into account staff productivity, wellbeing, energy efficiency and the company philosophy.

Stylish downlights were fitted in the corridors and communal areas, complementing the visual design of the building to create a striking entrance for visitors and staff. As the lighting requirements for office workers is shifting towards a more aesthetically pleasing work environment, the luminaires help to create a fulfilling workspace.

In the offices at Gibson House, creating an environment that helped employees focus was paramount, to ensure they maintained their motivation and concentration at their desks. A low glare lighting solution was installed for the open-plan office, that would reduce eye strain, looking after the well-being of the office staff.

As well as designing and specifying a future-proof lighting solution that ensured staff wellbeing, the solution was energy efficient. This significantly reduces energy costs and fitted in with the ethos of LCA Group, to reduce waste and prevent pollution.

In the industrial areas, IP65 weatherproof fittings were used, to prevent dust and water ingress, minimising maintenance costs for LCA Group in the long term.